Dr. Alexis Clarke is a Licensed Psychologist in Illinois with experience providing therapy to diverse populations across a variety of settings. Her private practice, RRAEL Counseling, provides tele-therapy to adults around issues related to sexual identity, sexual health, romantic relationships, and empowering women, particularly in terms of their sexuality.  The philosophy of her practice is to aid and motivate her clients to find concrete approaches to promote mental, emotional, and personal growth. Not to determine who her clients are, who they “should” be, or what their romantic relationships “should” look like.  Dr. Clarke believes that you direct what your journey in life will look like. She works from a multiculturally sensitive and strength ­based approach, which aims to create a sense of agency and empower her clients to lead the life they see for themselves.

Dr. Clarke has conducted workshops on healthy relationships, HIV/AIDS awareness, the impact of socialization on the development of sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual health. She has also presented at several conferences about sexual violence/trauma and conducted research on the impact of attachment in romantic relationships. She is currently pursing certification as a sex therapist. She has a Ph.D from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Counseling Psychology program.