Kim S. Ramsey

Kim S. Ramsey is an RN who works at Rutgers University Health Services and also at Newark Beth Israel Emergency Dept. Kim is a graduate of New Jersey City University where she received a BSc in Health Sciences. Kim is currently studying her Masters in Nursing at Capella University. Kim is currently pursuing a career in human sexuality with a focus on the rare disorder of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. This has led to her acting as a public spokesperson and an online administrator in a number of groups supporting men with and women with PGAD.

When she is not being a PGAD activist/ambassador/support listener, ER nurse or College Health nurse, Kim loves to spend her time following miracles in the news media, finding recipes on Pinterest to replicate and thrifting the
vast closets of Goodwill for 1940’s fashions. Kim’s motto remains Go In Big or Go Home which is a testimony to her all or nothing approach.